Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Mission

The Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Ms. Voletta Wallace; the mother of the late Christopher G.L. Wallace, a.k.a the NOTORIOUS B.I.G.

Christopher G.L. Wallace was killed on March 9th 1997 in Los Angeles California. Through the love, admiration and dedication The CWMF will thrive towards its goals and through the support of its contributors the growth of educational success will be FOREVER B.I.G.

The expressed purpose of The Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation, Inc. is to serve as a vehicle for giving back to the community. As a non-profit organization its primary target will be in the field of education. Where academics are concerned B.I.G. will be acronyms for:

Books Instead of Guns”.

The Christopher Wallace memorial foundation, Inc. will target the minds
of the youths by providing scholarships and grants. The CWMF will provide books, computers and various learning instruments to schools, daycare centers and mentor programs

The initial goal of The Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation, Inc. is to build and establish a community center in the neighborhood in which Christopher G.L. Wallace was born and raised, Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York. The center will provide a daycare center, after-school tutoring and a computer-training program.

To some our task may appear too big, overwhelming and impossible, but if there is no struggle there is no progress and for those of us here at The Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation, Inc. to THINK B.I.G. is our mission, our goal, our reason for being.

If you believe in our stated mission, then we invite you to come join with us in our quest to equip and elevate the children of today. Giving hope and shining the light on what many see as a dark and dismal future. Join us in creating and restoring smiles on the faces that have been stained with tears of sadness. Join us in our fight to build confidence, pride and self-awareness.

Please take this step with us, your support will go a long way in providing the means for our children, young men and women to believe in themselves and continue to THINK B.I.G.

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